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Succession planning is a proactive approach to leadership transition. Continuity of leadership keeps the momentum of business plans moving forward. This cannot happen without the ongoing stewardship of Boards and CEOs.

The succession plan is an excellent platform to guide a broad search for candidates. At Kinley & Connelly, our process ensures that the best candidates possible are being considered. We guide the internal consultation process in order to ensure top-performing teams. This process includes some of the following:

  • Identifying existing leadership talent within the organization
  • Leadership assessment
  • Executive development programs
  • Executive coaching programs

When new leadership is needed, it makes good sense to develop a transition plan for bringing this new leader on board. How well the new executive transitions into a new organization often determines their long term success. At Kinley & Connelly, transition planning ensures this process is completed as seamlessly as possible.

Transition planning is also the beginning of a good search process. Consistent with effective change management practices, the work done at the front-end of the search process lays the groundwork for a successful transition.

Our approach to helping clients deal with leadership change includes:

  • Working closely with Boards and/or senior management
  • Developing a comprehensive strategic process
  • Representing the expectations of Boards, senior management and staff in order to ensure the candidate "fits" within the culture and values of the organization

Kinley & Connelly works to ensure our process helps create some responsibility and readiness within the organization to welcome and support new leadership.

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